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Walmart's first in-house driver app becomes their highest rated tech tool yet

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Updated Apr 4, 2023

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With apps giving drivers fits and providing no real-time visibility of their assets and loads, Walmart’s supply chain leaders knew it was a time for a change.

Carol Nixon, who after driving for Walmart for roughly nine years, recalled using three out-sourced driver workflow apps that missed the mark.

“Some of the other programs we used before were so not compatible with what we needed to do. It was frustrating. You’d spend more time messing with it and having to pull over to get it right,” said Nixon who as driver since 1990 has seen her share of paper and computer-based workflow systems.

Time lost on the road to app issues kept adding up to less pay for drivers and less than ideal delivery times.

“That’s frustrating as a driver,” Nixon continued. “We're paid by the mile, we're paid by the piece, work by the hour—whatever we're doing, if you pull over and have to keep messing with it, you're losing money.”