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Review of “WASP” by Erik Frank Russell

I would like to consider this my first review proper, and as such I will share with you, my trusted reader, what these “reviews” are intended to be.  There is a reason for those pesky quotation marks as these are reviews not in the modern interpretation of the word, but more so a re-viewing, or a look back at what has been read. I will not try to tell you what to buy, or what not to buy, instead I will look at each story through an angle of my choosing in an attempt to glean interesting information and bring it to light in a way that will hopefully, at the very least, be entertaining. With all that being said I will, for the most part, not be reviewing new books. Instead I will seek out works that are obscure, forgotten, or perhaps classics that have escaped my reader’s eyes. At the end of each review I will offer up the title of the next book I am to read and review so that if one were so inclined they could read along. Sort of like a book club. Unfortunately as this is my first real review (that other one down there can be considered a test case) you will not be given any head start.  The name of the book is “WASP” by Erik Frank Russell. So if your life permits it stop reading this right now and read that, then keep reading this. Again I’m not telling you to buy anything, but you have been forewarned. Continue reading Review of “WASP” by Erik Frank Russell