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Review of “The Stainless Steel Rat” by Harry Harrison

Okay, well, this was, a read. It is hard for me to say too much about this one. The novel sets us all up nice and neat. We have a well laid plan going sour, stealing government supplies right from their warehouse at a continuous rate was comical enough, and we have the plan’s exit being executed perfectly. This is our introduction into what, or whom, a stainless steel rat is. Then our rat sets off on another plan, one that goes off nearly perfectly until he, his name his Slippery Jim by the way, gets corralled into a meeting of sorts. To put it bluntly the story starts off interesting enough. It has all the satisfying bones of a beautiful plan that the reader doesn’t get to see the full scope of until they all fall into play. Like any good heist story really, but then the novel turns and puts a sour taste in my mouth, real sour. Continue reading Review of “The Stainless Steel Rat” by Harry Harrison