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Review of Valis by Phillip K. Dick

“Valis” isn’t so much a novel as it is a descent into someone’s mind. Who that someone is, really is anyone’s best guess. It could certainly be the mind of Phillip K. Dick himself, or it could be a character. PKD often circles back to the idea of a split mind. Two halves of the same entity working against itself. Normally I make some sort of attempt to avoid discussing the author, to take them out of the equation, but that is entirely impossible here. Even so, I will avoid making assumptions about the man himself. I will use the book as a buffer. There is so much that can be said about “Valis,” the Vast Active Living Intelligence System, its pink laser, and its victims. Perhaps victims is the wrong word. Perhaps chosen people, or messiahs, is more accurate. This book has a touch of the alien world in it, a touch of the super natural or super advanced, but as with most PKD novels, this book is about people. Let’s take a dive and see where it all goes. Continue reading Review of Valis by Phillip K. Dick