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Kenworth’s FCEV combines Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell stack with the T680

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Updated Aug 10, 2023

Hitting the market in 2025, the recently announced Kenworth T680 FCEV is the culmination of seven years that Kenworth has been collaborating with Toyota on prototype vehicles.

It combines Toyota's second generation hydrogen fuel cell stack with the T680 Next Gen. The T680 FCEV is a Class 8 tractor rated up to 82,000 pounds and stores 60 kilograms of hydrogen on board that powers a 310 kilowatt motor and it's 415 horsepower gives you all the power you need to do your regional or long haul driving. The range is 450 miles and can refuel it in 20 to 30 minutes. 

00:00 Kenworth T680 FCEV 

00:43 Toyota hydrogen fuel cell 

01:13 Range and refuel time 

01:55 Infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell 

02:24 Incentive programs