That which is necessarily brief

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I will be brief out of necessity. I know I haven’t always gotten my additions to The Restless Dreamer live on time, but within a few days is good according to my track record. With NaNoWriMo quickly approaching, you may be getting worried. Don’t. All five Fridays in November are already accounted for and scheduled. The end of the first chapter is in sight, and the beginning of a new.

I know it can be hard to read The Restless Dreamer right now if you want to start from the beginning, and I do intend to fix that. After a chapter is published, I will give it a “final” edit, and publish here, free, as a whole to help reduce the clutter a fair bit. Though that treatment will not occur for Chapter 1 until December sometime so I may be getting ahead of myself.

Lastly, my NaNoWriMo will likely keep me busy in November. Probably too busy to post on the blog. My name on NaNoWriMo is TruthisFiction and my new project, my first Fantasy project for NaNoWriMo, is called Travella. I hope to see you out there grinding out the words.

Quote of the Moment:
“A man who loves money is a bastard. Someone to be hated. A man who can’t take care of it is cool. You don’t hate him, but you’ve got to pity him.” – Stephen King, The Stand

Currently Reading/Listening to:
The Familiar: Honeysuckle & Pain by Mark Z. Danielewski
A Tapestry of Magics by Brian Daley
The Stand by Stephen King
Galaxy Outlaws: The Complete Black Ocean Mobius Missions by J. S. Morin

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