I’m Back (Again)

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Sorry for the silence again. Life happens. The blog will go on, and I have a fresh project to share with you all. It’s called Restless Dreamer and it will be an online published serialized novel. Okay, that’s a lot of words to describe a project, but let me put it in simpler albeit more verbose terms. Every week, I will publish 500 or-so words of what will be a novel. This will of course be entirely free and available. Since this is a living breathing project that will not be entirely written (or even outlined, gasp) ahead of time, I reserve the right to retcon, change entire passages or chapters, and even scrap the whole damn thing. I have ideas about where it is going, but we are going to discover the story together.

These fresh passages will pop up in the normal feeds and in the normal places, and they will all get the tag Restless Dreamer as opposed to the Standalone tag that most other projects here have. I may have to tweak feeds and stuff to get it to display in a nice readable fashion at some point as chronologically it will show up in reverse order, but I will burn or cross that bridge when I come to it. In my attempt to let my actions speak louder than the words I type on these little blog posts. I have already published the first passage today. I have also scheduled the next two for the next two weeks. Look forward to them every Friday evening, hopefully for a long time. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you will come along with me for this ride.

Quote of the Moment:
“We could build ourselves a heaven. But Why? We were Heaven already. Only in the very end did we try to build a S.O.U.L. That which would outlast V.E.M., outlast The Verse, outlast death. But it was impossible. Or we were too late. Though still the H.O.L.Y. tried. And built Hell instead.” – Mark Z. Danielewski, The Familiar: Honeysuckle & Pain

Currently Reading/Listening to:
The Familiar: Honeysuckle & Pain by Mark Z. Danielewski
A Tapestry of Magics  by Brian Daley
The Stand by Stephen King
Galaxy Outlaws: The Complete Black Ocean Mobius Missions by J. S. Morin

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