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I think I have everything the way I want it now, except I still have some more pruning to do. All in all, things are looking pretty good considering that my attempts to do some stuff brought the site down not once but twice leading to some FTP fun. WordPress is a great platform, but it can fight back when I want it to do things that it wasn’t specifically designed for. With the right plugins and a little bit of compromise, everything came together nicely. If I want to make more major changes they will likely be small and subtle.

A few things I’ve noticed about the old writing I’ve been going over. Some of it’s pretty dark, which is fine but not where my writing style really is anymore. I like some of it anyway so I think I will keep it around. A lot of it, at least the really early stuff, is short. So much of it, in fact, that I added a flash fiction category. For the sake of simplicity, or maybe for the sake of complexity, all stories in the flash fiction category will also belong to a genre category. This way if someone wants to read all Sci-Fi or all short stuff they can still go to one place and not have to search. Also, in the future, most of my stories will be longer than these flash pieces.

On to my plans. I said I wanted to post a story once a month. I’m throwing that idea away right now. As of this writing, there are only a dozen or so stories on the site, and that will just not do. So I am going to be bolder. Two a month! I’m going to try to hold to it too. We’ll see how it shakes out this month, but clearly, I have to get something up soon if I am going to adhere to that schedule. Anyway, I think that’s all for now. I hope any visitors find this site to their liking.

Oh, before I forget. I just finished Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann. Though I always prefer novels, I do try to read some non-fiction from time to time. This was a difficult read. Not hard because of language or style, but hard because of content. It was only made harder because it was a true story. That said, I recommend this to anyone interested in the beginnings of the FBI, true crime, the early 20th century American west, and most of all the plight of the Native American people. I would love to learn more about the Osage tribe someday.

As a side note, that link to the book above is a referral link to Amazon. I do not plan to link books other than those that I like and these will be the only “ads” on my site.

Currently reading/listening to:
The Magician by Raymond E. Feist
The Dispatcher by John Scalzi
Back to the Moon by Homer H. Hickam Jr.
Galaxy Outlaws: The Complete Black Ocean Mobius Missions by J. S. Morin

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