A First Blog Post

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My site has been around for a while, and I am going to try to start taking that a little more seriously. THat means I will be priuning a ot of the content already posted and I will hope to post more regular content including actual blog posts like this one.

In the past, the only thing I called blog posts were my reviews, which, you may notice, are now entirely gone from this site. Though they were one of the few thigns that actually brought in traffic, I don’t at present care about traffic and I am nto entirely proud of those reviews. i never wanted to be a critic, and though that was not my intention with those review anyway, i feel they were sending the wrong message and not actually hlpeing me be a better writer. In short, they are gone, sorry.

Though I will be blogging more regularly, in theory anyway, this blog will stay mostly professional. If you have ever looked at any of my social media accounts, then you would know that I am a relatively private person. Though I have a family and a life, I won’t be bringing that onto this site, at least not in the immediate future.

What I will blog about is writing and myself as it pertains to that topic. I will also start posting stories more regularly, but I’m not looking to keep a regular schedule with any of this yet. If you’ve made it here, hopefully you will find something to enjoy on my site as it gorws, and soemtimes even shrinks.

Thanks for reading!

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