Hello there, my name is Clint Monette as I am sure you are already aware, but what you may not know is who I am. I could tell you where I live and how I was raised but that doesn’t begin to touch on why this is here. So let’s start simple:

I am a writer.

What I write is primarily science-fiction though I have been known to dabble in some of the other arts. Literary fiction, horror, fantasy, and mystery are all genres that I have played with at one point or another. On this site I will post to my whims and give my friends and family a place to read me if they so desire.

Now that we got that out of the way enjoy. Look below for news, updates, and what exactly this website is and how it works.


6/2/2015 “The Plague Between Us”

“The Plague Between Us” was officially published at Crossed Genre and you can find it here. It is also worth mentioning that I am their new author spotlight, and as such I have been featured for an interview in this month’s release which you can find here. I did finally get around to posting another story by means of celebration. That story is called “To the Beat of the Maker” and it has some commonalities with “The Plague Between Us”. I hope you enjoy both stories as well as the one I posted two days ago, “Please Bring Milk”. There is your link barrage for the day.

5/31/2015 Crossed Genres

I have another story that should be published tomorrow on Crossed Genres. The story is title “The Plague Between Us” and I think you will enjoy it. I will update with a direct link to the story as it becomes available. In the meantime, I have published a story here called “Please Bring Milk” which was a lot of fun to write. I consider it a little celebration release. I might even put up another story tomorrow to make sure that I celebrate the release properly. We shall see.

9/4/2014 Mad Scientist Journal

My story, “The Magician,” went on sale today in the Mad Scientist Journal: Summer 2014 anthology. It is available at the following links: Amazon, Smashwords, and iBookstore, and as always you can go to MSJ direct and check out some fresh stories as they crop up. So if you are willing to part with a few dollars and support independent e-publishing I am sure your business will be very much appreciated. And while you are there why not read a few of my words? After all you aren’t going to be able to read it anywhere else. 

7/30/2014 Blogging

I have done it. I have posted my first blog entry. It is a review that I wrote a while ago so check it out if you are interested. Future reviews will be very different from this one so keep an eye out. Finally I part with a few notes on navigation, The Feed, for now, still contains everything, but the Blog category will now contain only blog entries, including reviews and whatever else I come up with.

7/21/2014 Blogging

I didn’t start this website for any blogging purposes. I have tried blogging in the past and it didn’t really do much for me. Then, for reasons which I will not go into here, I had to sit down and write a book review. I found the task difficult and challenging in its own way. It makes me uncomfortable when any type of writing becomes difficult. Because of this right now I am planning on implementing a blog which will contain… stuff. I’m looking forward to it, and I should have the website tweaked and my first post up shortly.

4/29/2014 “The Magician”

I have a short story titled the Magician which will be published in the Summer 2014 issue of the Mad Scientist’s Journal. I will post an update once it is available for purchase. They publish after the season so it will not be until sometime in September. Until then why not get lost in their lovely website: Mad Scientist Journal

How the Site Works:

I will post here on a non-regular schedule. Each post will always be something I have written unless otherwise noted. The posts will fall into categories which can be accessed through either the side or top menu. On mobile however this menu will appear on the bottom. These categories will also contain a brief explanation of what to expect. If you want to see everything under the sun you can go to ‘The Feed’ which can be accessed through the same menus. In ‘The Feed’ there will be a chronological list of everything that has been posted excluding the contents of this page. If you have any questions feel free to comment or shout at your computer screen. I am sure one of those options will give you the results you desire. Happy browsing!

Words from another dimension… Sometimes